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I want to protect my creativity.

You are active in the creative business? You are designer, web-designer, software developer, architect, marketer, copywriter, … and want to protect and bring to market the results of your creative work? You want to licence your works or look for tax optimisation in the field of intellectual property and copyright? You are looking for financing and would like to share your idea, under the benefit of confidentiality, with potential investors or partners? You are at the right place.

Copyright protection is intended to protect the original expression of an idea in the form of a creative work, but not the idea itself.

It covers creations of the mind of different kinds, such as literary, artistic, educational, or musical works, software programmes, databases, …

In principle, a creation of the mind does not need to be registered through specific administrative procedure or any other formalities to be protected: when the work is created, the copyright protection exists automatically. However, in some countries, registration procedures are necessary to benefit from copyright protection.

Design protection can cover a wide variety of products provided their appearance is new and has individual character. The protected visual appearance can be the lines, contours, colours, shapes, textures and/or materials of the concerned goods.

The appearance of a product can be valuable because it differentiates your business from those of your competitors and constitutes a purchase incentive for consumers. Investing in design protection is a real means of increasing the value of your company and products.

By protecting your design and / or copyrights, you get peace of mind and security. Our team is at your disposal for all copyright and design questions, including protection strategies, filing an “I-Depot”, filing and prosecution of Benelux or Community Designs, software protection, employee creations, copyright related tax benefits, NDA, licensing or copyright related agreements. Our team advises and assists you from the beginning, in all the relevant steps and procedures, including assessment of the novelty condition, prior searches as well as the enforcement of your rights against (online) infringers or counterfeiters. Contact us.

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