Data protection

Data, the new oil of the economy

Data Protection Services (GDPR) and Information Technology Services (ICT)

In the age of digitisation, blockchain, smart contracts, AI and Industry 4.0, the importance of data, which is generated day after day in every company, as well as its protection is a key issue. Data is often rightly referred to as the new oil of the economy.

Due to the increasing shift to the online sector, a large amount of data is processed and transmitted on a daily basis. It can therefore more easily lead to the loss or misuse of personal data or business secrets.

In the same way, e-commerce is more than ever an integral part of our daily lives. Every company has a website and the number of online transactions is constantly increasing.

NEOVIAQ provides its clients with a specialized team to advise and support them in their compliance processes, offering a wide range of services related to the protection of personal data and e-commerce.

Our services include, among others:

  • Preliminary audit to assess your level of maturity;
  • Mapping of personal data processing;
  • Creation of a processing register;
  • Drafting / reviewing of legal documentation (privacy policy, confidentiality notices, agreements, engagement letters, …);
  • Management of the relationship between controllers and processors;
  • DPO / Data Protection Officer;
  • Management of personal data transfers to third countries (outside the European Economic Area );
  • Carrying out data protection due diligence, e.g. in the context of merger and acquisition activities;
  •  Drafting of the conditions of use and services (GTC);
  • Drafting / reviewing of privacy and cookie policies;
  • Consumer protection law;
  • Electronic contracts and payments.

Solution-oriented and multidisciplinary approach

NEOVIAQ IP/ICT is NEOVIAQ’s specialised team of consultants in the field of IP and ICT. Our approach is flexible, focused on individual needs and proactive.

Thanks to our combined expertise in the fields of intellectual property, trade secret protection and data protection, we are at your side as a solution-oriented partner to support you in your protection efforts, whether you are a creative company, a start-up, a small or medium-sized enterprise or a multinational corporation.


ever you are, you will have a competent team at your side.


contact person speaks your language and works with highest standards of quality and sustainability.


local presence is one of our forces. We know your region and the specific challenges your company has to face.


local consultants have access to a large network of specialists active within NEOVIAQ. With them, with are able to propose different analysis and optimisation.

Who can help you?

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