Each employee is unique.

The mission of the Payroll Accounting requires overall knowledge of the individual situation of each employee, in-depth knowledge of the operational requirements set by the company, as well as a perfect understanding of the legal environment (national and international). NEOVIAQ HR meets these challenges day after day. In Belgium as well as in Luxembourg, our experienced team works to bring answers to your questions in the shortest possible time and with the necessary confidentiality.

From the free-lancer to the multinational.

Each client enjoys the same quality of service. Whether you are a self-employed person, the CEO of an SME or the executive of a family company with several hundreds of employees. Our services cover all sectors of activity: craftsmanship, industry, retail & wholesale commerce, transport, catering, bank-insurance, liberal professions, associations, etc.

  • A privileged contact
    NEOVIAQ HR, you will have a dedicated contact person who will manage every aspect of your file. He knows your requirements better than anyone and is able to call on the numerous resources offered by the Human Resources Department and the entire group. 


  • Flexibility XXL
    We offer you the best of both worlds. The local office listening to your daily concerns and the large group offering synergies that can help you during your contacts with the authorities, the unions and other deciders.


  • A wide range of services
    We take on tasks other than the ones generally assigned to a Payroll Agency: practical assistance when requesting subsidies/grants, help obtaining a work permit, international procedures. 

Our added value.

  • Pragmatic and solutions oriented
    We want our approach to be pragmatic and solutions oriented. We strive to provide practical and achievable solutions.


  • Legal advice
    Our specialised lawyers provide advice in the fields of labour law, social security and taxation. They can help you to solve conflict situations, whether individual or collective.


  • Digitalisation: we believe in it!
    Like you, we appreciate the advantages offered by digitalisation. We prepare and send all documents intended for employers and employees in electronic format (notably the salary slip). Our clients can access their documents 24 x 7 thanks to a secure platform.

Who can help you ?

Michael Henz

HR & Payroll services Partner

+352 97 80 81 1




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