Tax services - Up to date and legal certainty.

In addition to digitisation, one of the biggest challenges currently facing companies is the ever increasing integration of tax legislation at EU level. Since even smaller companies today very often buy, sell and work across borders, tax consultancy can no longer be understood as a purely national discipline. Terms such as "transfer pricing", "BEPS standards" or double taxation agreements are now part of the tax consultant's daily vocabulary when it comes to adding value to companies through expert advice and preventing potential problems.

Only by consistently focusing on solid training and further education of our employees and managers, especially in tax-specific topics, can we guarantee optimal advice that takes into account both current legislation and, in a forward-looking manner, incorporates new developments as far as possible. And thus guarantees our clients legal certainty in their decisions.

Our consulting services include both ongoing tax advice, usually in connection with the annual financial statements, and specific advice on start-ups, restructuring and liquidation. We are also at your side during tax audits, as well as in inheritance and company succession issues. The overall entrepreneurial approach is always important to us: solutions are only good if they serve the whole company in the long term.


Accounting - solid figures, solid facts.

In times of digitalisation, we might think that traditional bookkeeping has become obsolete. The reality is quite different: Only if the digitised documents are correctly allocated, can meaningful evaluations be made and the right conclusions drawn. That is why we attach great importance to the fact that the decision on the definitive bookkeeping of the documents is still in human hands. This interaction between human beings and technology guarantees high quality while reducing the time spent.

Our values.

The more accurate the figures, the better the (conclusions):

Accounting and tax consulting are among our core competencies. Even the ongoing digitalisation does not change this. It enables us to share documents with you and give you access to your company's key figures at any time. It also helps us to make the figures available even faster and to analyse and compare them better than before. And to propose appropriate optimizations to you. Only when we have a good understanding of the figures can we consider the following steps and make the most of the legal framework for you. In this way we exploit opportunities and avoid obstacles.

Our approach is simple , complex and  different:

Simple because accounting and tax advice always represent the middle and starting point of our consultancy;

Complex, because we are constantly adapting to the development of legislation and the increasingly pronounced transfer of responsibility to ourselves as accountants and tax advisors - always with an eye to the needs and security of our clients;

Different, because we do not see digitisation as a danger, but as a further possibility to improve quality and integrate it into our work.

Always a contact person near you:

We have efficient teams also in your local area. They are characterized by competence and expertise. They know your region and the specific challenges your company faces there. They speak your language and all work with the high NEOVIAQ standards in terms of quality and sustainability. They also have access to experts within the NEOVIAQ network, with whom we can propose further analyses and optimisations.

This approach makes accounting even more important: it is increasingly becoming the solid foundation on which further analysis and optimisation can be built. If the figures are right, it is easier to draw the right conclusions.

Who can help you ?

Erwin Schröder

Tax Partner

+352 97 80 81 1

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Simon Boskin

Tax Partner

+352 97 80 81 1

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