NEOVIAQ Advisory is the consulting team of NEOVIAQ that helps small and medium-sized companies to be prepared for the challenges of the future.


Our approach is practical, human-oriented and proactive. Our goal for our clients is that they are better positioned for tomorrow. We combine our expertise in "numbers" with our soft skills in the areas of personnel development, leadership and coaching.

Continuous improvement, support and the feeling of security to be able to make the right decisions as well as the focus on results are the cornerstones of our consulting services.

Corporate finance.
  • Business / financial plans: analyse and plan costs, profitability, liquidity;

  • Budget planning;

  • Consolidated balance sheet preparation.


  • Company valuation, valuation of the business fund;

  • Valuation of intangible assets such as intellectual property rights.

  • Corporate controlling and reporting;

  • Creation and support of personalized dashboards;

  • Preparation of regular financial reports;

  • Cash flow analyses;

  • Support during audit process.

M&A - Company succession.
  • The preparation phase with its various stages such as the teaser, the information memorandum, the search for a successor/seller, the non disclosure agreement (NDA), etc. ;

  • The negotiations ;

  • The research and analysis of the financing possibilities ;

  • The transaction ;

  • The transition phase.


Individual coaching

  • Personality Analysis ;

  • Tools for professional development ;

  • Individual coaching and team building activities.

Enterprise coaching

  • Financial and administrative support for the various steps and formalities involved in setting up a company, transfer of business, business succession and dissolution ;

  • Planning and support in matters of company takeovers and company succession to ensure a smooth transition of the company ;

  • Preparation and monitoring of applications for state aid, premiums and subsidies ;

  • Procurement and optimization of the various financial resources by preparing applications for the banks and the various investment companies, and conducting the related discussions ;

  • Permanent monitoring of the company's activities as an advisor in partnership.


Process management.
  • Optimization and automation of operational processes;

  • Operational excellence.

Who can help you ?

Dr. Daniel Weinbrenner

Advisory Partner

+352 97 80 81 1




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