In the context of global competition, intellectual property rights have become increasingly important and are part of the most important assets of many companies. The importance of intellectual property for the innovation and competitiveness of companies in comparison with traditional "material" investment and capital goods will continue to increase in the future.

The same applies in times of digitalization, blockchain, smart contracts, AI and Industry 4.0 to the handling and protection of data, which are processed on daily baisis in every company.

Rightly, data are often referred to as the new oil or fuel of the economy.

Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which are active in an international competition field, there is often a backlog demand and a lack of information in this area.

Intellectual property services.

When it comes to the protection, enforcement, evaluation and tax benefits of intellectual property rights, our team supports its clients as a professional and practice-oriented IP partner - in the Benelux and in the international environment.
Our experts will be happy to provide you with professional support in:

  • cost-efficient filing and registration of trademarks, designs, copyrights, trade secrets or Internet domains and their sustainable management;


  • carrying out IP-related audits and due diligence, e.g. in the context of M&A activities;


  • valuation of intellectual property rights


  • the enforcement of IP rights against counterfeiters and product piracy


  • applying for IP-related subsidies or obtaining IP related tax benefits.

Through our core competencies in the areas of intellectual property, the protection of trade secrets and data protection, we are at your side as a solution-oriented and practical partner in your endeavours. We will be happy to help you in your efforts to set up or operate an efficient intellectual property protection management system.

Data protection services.

NEOVIAQ IP/ICT provides its clients with a specialized team to advise and support them in their compliance processes, offering an extensive range of services related to the protection of personal data:

  • Audits to asses GDPR compliance;


  • Advise on the protection of personal data;


  • Drafting and reviewing of all relevant legal documents (privacy policies, data protection notices, general terms of use, cookies policies, agreements, data processing agreements, etc.);


  • Consulting on IT and network security


  • Due Diligence in the area of data protection, e.g. in the context of M&A activities;


  • Services of Data Protection Officer (DPO);


  • Management of transfer of personal data to third countries (outside the EEA);


  • Training and awareness to stakeholders or employees.

ICT Legal services.

E - Commerce

E-commerce is more than ever an integrated part of our daily lives. Every company owns a website and the number of online transactions is constantly increasing.


Our services include:

  • Drafting of terms of use and services;

  • Drafting of privacy and cookies policy;


  • Consumer protection law;


  • Electronic contracting and payment.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing  is about making software services and data available on request. This has certain advantages, but poses (legal) risks as well.


Our services include:

  • Drafting of SaaS agreement;

  • Drafting of Data processing agreements;


  • Review of all legal documentation.

About us.
  • A privileged contact
    NEOVIAQ IP/ICT, you will have a dedicated contact person who will manage every aspect of your file. He knows your requirements better than anyone and is able to call on the numerous resources offered by the IP/ICT Department and the entire group. 


  • Flexibility XXL
    We offer you the best of both worlds. The local office listening to your daily concerns as well as a network of colleagues and selected agents offering synergies that can help you securing your activities at an international level. .


  • A wide range of services
    takes on tasks other than the ones generally assigned to an IP/ICT professional: applying a multidisciplinary approach integrating IP, data protection, e-commerce, compliance and contract law, while having an eye on tax, accounting, corporate and business issues, practical assistance when requesting subsidies/grants, developing tax optimisation schemes in the field of intellectual property, etc.

  • Pragmatic and solutions oriented
    We want our approach to be pragmatic and solutions oriented. We devote ourselves straightforwardly to your problems, thinking alternatively, holistically, detached from established structures and conventions and without complicated lawyer talk. We develop comprehensive concepts and optimal strategies and help you, in the framework of a long-term approach, to make the most of your intellectual property and your data, in an understandable, focused, cost-efficient and transparent manner.

  • Wondering what our services look like ?
    They are just as you need them, whether you are a self-employed person, a start-up, an SME or a multinational company! Tailor-made and 100% adapted to your specific needs. Our consultants are not only specialists in their field, but also entrepreneurs who speak your language, are able to look at topics from an entrepreneurial perspective and can align their consulting with your corporate culture, your possibilities and your requirements..

Raymond Bindels

Legal (IP/ICT) Partner

+352 24 51 49 45




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